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Yoghurt House Style Pancake

Yoghurt House Style Pancake

I found a draft that I never published from the Philippines…. What a nice find as I had actually forgotten about these pancakes!

When we went to Sagada, a small town way up in the Mountain Province, we ate quite frequently at an amazing restaurant called The Yoghurt House. It is famous for its homemade yogurt. One of the delicious meals we had there was called the “Hikers Delight” breakfast. It consisted of a pancake wrapped around a banana and yogurt with strawberry topping and a side of fried eggs and toast. Recently I have been making this at home and I really think it is a more nutritious way of eating pancakes. I’ve also added granola to the top or inside of the pancake wrap, or oatmeal to the pancake batter to add fiber and nutrients.

I’ve used plain and strawberry yogurt, both are delicious. I’m considering trying different fruit fillings as well. Give it a try next time you make pancakes- I don’t even put syrup on top – which is why it makes this a healthier alternative for me- a syrup lover who usually goes overboard. You are getting some sugar from the banana (and possibly yogurt if you use a sweetened type) but at least these are not empty calories instead they offer nutrients, probiotics and added protein!

Here is what it looked like at The Yogurt House:

Yogurt pancake


And just for fun here are a few fun peeks of the town of Sagada:

This is Sagada. Nestled way way up in the beautiful Cordillera mountains, Sagada is a beautiful little town with lots of tourist and historical charm bounding with  natural beauty.


Sagada View


Sagada is only about 140 miles from Baguio but the roads are so narrow and mountainous that it takes 5-6 hours by public (non-airconditioned) bus.  Lots of dramamine, nausea, beautiful scenery, cows and a few very horrific “rest areas” later…. our massive bus got to cross this part of the road made up of wooden planks with this warning:


road sign


In the Mountain Province people ride on the tops of jeepneys, busses.. really any type of moving transportation.  I caught this picture from the porch of our hotel room one morning. Apparently the drivers don’t mind people riding on the roof but keep your feet off their cab!




And just a friendly reminder from the tourist office of Sagada:


Say No to drugs