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Local Restaurant Review: Cristina’s Cafe


As you know if you read New Year; New Way of Eating we are trying to eat more organic, local, natural foods.  I mentioned the website on which you can search for local restaurants, farmers markets, farms, Community Supported Agriculture programs etc… Well I found a place called Cristina’s Cafe that is a “Virginia Green Certified Restaurant” located in Strasburg, VA.  They are a green business and make great effort to serve locally produced and fair trade food and drink. They also donate food scraps to local pig farmers, use solar heating, green cleaning products and even have their own little garden behind the restaurant!  My husband and I decided to make it a date and give it a try.  Cristina’s Cafe is set along route 11 in the historic district of Strasburg alongside several cute shops and boutiques.

The day we went was a snowy day and the restaurant was mostly empty, but had a very homey relaxed feel.  When you first walk in there are some couches that make a relaxed reading area, along with some local crafts for sale, a bakery display (all baked goods are made in house), a fridge display of the local craft beers they sell, and a small section of pamphlets on local activities and green awareness papers.  The walls are decorated with local art, which is for sale. Every inch of this place seems to support the local community.  They even have a stage on which local musicians perform on weekends. During the spring, summer and fall, the parking lot is a farmers market free to local farmers and craftsmen to sell their goods.  Meat is purchased from Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal, potato chips are from Route 11 Chips in Mount Jackson, and produce is from a handful of local farms.

I ordered a sandwich called “Wendy’s Favorite” which is ciabatta bread with refried black beans, avocado, and chipotle mayo.   My husband got something called “The Hangover Cure” which is biscuits and gravy, and roasted breakfast potatoes.  The restaurant is open 7-4 weekdays during which time they serve breakfast and lunch.  On weekends they are open 8-4 for breakfast/lunch then 6-9 for dinner and music. Anytime my husband can eat breakfast food, he is happy so he enjoyed his meal very much.  My sandwich was to die for! It was a bit messy, having all soft ingredients, but I feel the messier the better when it comes to good food. This was no exception, the combination of the slightly salty beans, with the creamy avocado and slight kick from the chipotle mayo- was just a perfect combination.  It was served with a pickle and Route 11 potato chips.  What a satisfyingly delicious meal! I can’t wait to go back!  Total cost of lunch for two came to about $15.  We made it home without any of their delicious looking baked goods, but let me tell you- that took some strong will power.

In short, we had a delicious meal that we could afford and feel good about.

Check out their website for more details: Cristina’s Cafe

I didn’t get a picture of the breakfast meal, but here is half my sandwich. I got too excited when it came and dug right in.  I hope you find yourself there soon! 🙂