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Chick-Fila Chicken Sandwich


OK, I can take no credit for this creation. Lindsey was craving Chick-fila so much, that we decided to try to make it ourself!  We used the recipe for the batter from this website:  Chick-fila sandwich recipe -we did not do the brining- just the batter.  We also made the Chick-Fila sauce from this website:  Chick-fila-sauce recipe  Both were very very good- but not exactly Chick-Fila. I am sure bringing would help.  I don’t know that I’ve ever fried chicken before. I am actually quite excited to try frying some with the skin on… maybe KFC will be the next attempt.  :0)    It was fun, easy and really tasty!!  Where has the healthy Kitchen Adventurer gone??? …. she’ll be back! Right now she is coping with culture shock and thoroughly enjoying eating comfort foods!  (I also have given up on the “what is healthy in this?” section- I loved doing it- but it took so much time that I just don’t have!)  🙂 I hope you still enjoy the posts though.  I enjoy sharing. 🙂




Filipino Fish


Well I’ve now made 3 Filipino dishes in my new Filipino kitchen and all have turned out quite well. Today we had Bangus of milk fish for dinner. This is the national fish of the Philippines and very common throughout Asia (so I’ve read).  They are very bony but you can buy them de-boned at the market.  You can also buy lives frogs
(for eating), pig heads, fish heads, and pretty much any other animal body part you might be looking for at the local market.  That’s because in the Philippines (and many many other countries around the world)  food is food- you eat it all- no waste.  So when I asked for a de- boned, filleted fish- here is what I got.

Not exactly what I was expecting- but there were no bones!! 😀  Thankfully I have a good friend whom we eat all our meals with who is not bothered by fish parts and she was able to cut the head and tails off while I waited in the other room!!  I know- I ‘m pathetic!  I’m new to eating seafood though- so I’m still a bit squeamish about it.

So we made a lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper marinade and covered the fish in chopped garlic and sliced onions.  Then we put it in the oven to broil/bake for about 20 minutes.

I also baked some small potatoes in with the fish- but need to remember to put them in a good 15-20 minutes ahead of the fish next time, depending on their size.

Remember to grease the pan or put foil down if you want to get the fish out easily.  It worked out well for us though because when we went to get the fish out of the baking dish- the skin separated right off and we just got the fish.  Perfection.  (besides having to scrub fish skin off the dish later…)  If you want a greater variety of nutrients and dinner time fun – leave the head on and eat as much as you can!   The other parts of the fish are edible and provide other nutrients you don’t get from the rest of the fish.  Personally, I’m not there yet.