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Chocolate Coconut Bananas


I admit it- I am in the middle of an addiction.  I’ve been eating ice cream, chocolate, candy- some kind of dessert most nights after dinner. Bad habit to get into. But I found a healthy alternative to those chocolate eclairs ice-cream bars in my freezer! It was so tasty, I thought I’d share! (It is the middle of crazy teacher week- so forgive my shortness) 

Melt a bar of dark chocolate in a double boiler. (Or make your own by putting a skillet over a pot of boiling water)

Cut bananas in half and skewer with a kabob stick.  (or try bite sized on toothpicks!) 

roll in melted chocolate

roll in coconut flakes

put in the freezer

wait 2-4 hours


They aren’t as easy to eat if they freeze overnight- but still tasty!