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Farm Fresh Catfish


I have recently started eating more seafood. I am very proud of myself. Growing up, I used to throw the biggest fits whenever my family would eat fish for dinner.  (Like 3 times a year, but I’m sure I made it miserable….  Sorry Mom, Dad, and Doug…:)    Thanks for loving me and sorry I was… am a bit of a brat.)  So anyways, It is very impressive that I choose to cook and eat- and enjoyed the following meal.  

Now by “farm fresh Catfish” I don’t mean this is farmed catfish. Farmed fish is not good for you and  I would not brag about eating it.  In short- it does not have as much good stuff in it and it does have some awful stuff such as antibiotics.  Farmed fish are fed grain and such to make them big in a cheap way,  but wild fish do not eat grain- that is not how they were created  to eat. It’s the same thing for all other mass produced animals- they are all fed grain… and often other things you don’t want to know.  God didn’t make animals to eat corn and soy all day everyday and when they are fed these crazy diets they are unable to provide us who eat them with the same amount of  nutrients as properly raised animals.   OK, I’ll stop my rant there.. but I could go on.   Anyway- this catfish came from a pond.  We house sit for people who live on a lovely piece of property, which includes a pond with catfish and bass.  They also have an incredible garden- from which all the toppings for this dish came from.  I got the idea to bake the fish from my friend Aida who recently told me how to do this. I think it turned out wonderfully.

Here’s How:

1 Fillet “wild caught” catfish

random seasoning (garden herb and garlic by Ms. Dash, and some kind of fish seasoning)

olive oil

grape tomatoes

yellow tomatoes


I marinated the fish in the oil and seasonings all day then picked fresh tomatoes and parsley from the garden.  I put the fish in a baking dish and covered with diced yellow tomatoes and parsley.  I baked it, covered, for about 30 minutes at 400* (I think) Then added the grape tomatoes for about 10 minutes.  The tomatoes permeated the fish while it baked and helped to make a nice light sauce and kept the fish nice and moist. I served with fried green tomatoes.  


Summer Yum Spinach Salad


I am pleased to announce that I am finished with the coursework for my Masters in Education in Reading Speciality.  Between pushing hard to finish that this summer and school beginning again, life has been crazy- oh ya and to make life even more interesting we recently moved.  There are still a few stray boxes and nothing on the walls (this weekend’s goal) but life is overall good- I just have not had free time and energy to post anything.  Good food is still pumping out of my kitchen though. We recently tried Tempeh for the first time, not bad,  and are doing better about eating more beans and other good plant based proteins.   If I want to get anything posted anytime soon I am going to have to compromise – So I plan to post several backlogged recipes with minimal added details (such as why and how it is healthy).  Today I would like to share another yummy spinach salad idea.  I got the idea from  Whole Living magazine, they had a whole article on raw foods. My favorite that we tried was this. Although I changed it drastically… 🙂  Let’s just say the original included marinating raw fish… and eating it raw.  No thanks!  I’d rather eat this yummy vegan version! 😀



It was supposed to be a wrap but I didn’t want to buy the special lettuce it called for (it wasn’t in good shape at the store and was not the cheapest).  So I hoped I could just use spinach.  Well maybe that would have worked if I used smaller filling slices.  So I ate a few this way, but then decided to just make it into a salad. 


Here is How:



Red and Yellow Bell Pepper (orange would be good too!)


Lemon Juice

Chop or slice mango, avocado and pepper, coat in lemon juice, then either put on top of or wrap in spinach or whatever lettuce/green you have around (the darker the healthier!) 

Yum! 🙂


PS – I am having issues with this blog… today I cannot even change the font style or size. I don’t know if its me or wordpress… but I may have to look into a new site to use.  I’ll be sure to let you know if I move, until then- sorry about the tiny font. 😦