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Krispy PB Carob Goodies


While standing in the kitchen this evening my eyes happened upon peanut butter, Rice Krispies, and agave syrup.  I said aloud to my husband- “ooo! I just got a yummy idea!”  Five minutes later we were sampling a tasty treat.  Wa-la!

 I think I may have had something similar to this before. I’m pretty sure it was made with powdered sugar and corn syrup though.

So to make it I just poured some rice krispies into a bowl (maybe 1 1/2cups)  then softened about 1/4 or so of a cup of peanut butter in the microwave. I poured the gooey PB over the cereal and gave a hearty squirt of agave syrup over it all (maybe 1/8 cup.. probably less).  I mixed it all up and pressed into a baking dish. Put it in the freezer for a few minutes then began devouring it.  I had bought some carob chips for my best friend who has gone mostly vegan for health reasons. I had tried carob powder before and liked it but had never tired the chips in a recipe (plain, they don’t taste so good).  I melted a handful of the carob chips in the microwave and spread it over the rice krispies and it tasted pretty good together. So there ya go, a moderately healthy, super easy, vegan dessert.  I will admit they don’t stay together as well as a normal rice krispy treat, but if I had froze them longer they probably would have.  Also maybe using a little honey with the agave would help them be stickier.

What is healthy for you in this?

Agave–  a low glycemic and natural sweetener.  It is sweeter tasting than sugar so you can make things sweet using less. Also most importantly it is a naturally occurring form of sugar so it ha s a low glycemic index. That means it won’t make your blood sugar spike. Constant blood sugar spikes are bad for your body and can cause diabetes and heart problems.  So always keep an on how much sugar you are eating, whether it is natural or not- you don’t want too much at a time. Be kind to your body and your future self. The things we eat now really will affect how we age.

Carob– Wow, I had no idea. Listen to this:  Carob is naturally sweet. Anyone who has tasted unsweetened cocoa can tell you it is disgusting! Carob on the other hand is apparently sweet- naturally- it does not need to be processed and refined and have sugar and milk and such added to make it taste good.  It is made into chips using things like malted barley and palm kernel oil. No chemicals or sugar added.  It also can be used to stop diarrhea in children, it is caffeine free, it aids digestion, is high is calcium and vitamin E and it has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  All the amazing things God has given us naturally in this world and how good they are for us- never ceases to amaze me! Our creator is so awesome!     OK, so carob does not taste exactly like chocolate but I may have to start using it more often.   Here is a picture of a carob pod. The carob powder is made from the peas of the pod.

Peanut Butter- In small amounts a great source of energy and protein!  Unfortunately I used JIFF, but natural peanut butter is pretty tasty too and much much healthier!  I love to make peanut butter at Whole Foods- they have the machine where you can just flip a switch and it grinds the peanuts into butter right there- to tasty and fresh! 🙂