Eggplant Garlic Hummus


With the last of my big box of eggplant that I got on super sale, I decided to make Eggplant Garlic Hummus.  This was actually really quick and easy to make!  I used dry chickpeas which I soaked and boiled following the packages directions (however using canned would have been faster). I prepared the eggplant as usual, soaking in salt water for 10 or 15 minutes to rid of bitterness and I sliced a few garlic cloves into thin slices.  After drying the eggplant slices, I brushed with olive oil and laid out on a baking dish. Each eggplant slice gets topped with a slice of garlic and put into the oven on high broil for about 4- 5 minutes.  Then all you do is throw the cup of chickpeas into the blender or food processor with the eggplant slices and garlic.  Add lemon juice and seasonings  (I used curry, cumin and salt).

I also had to add a good bit of water because I used dry chickpeas instead of canned and  because I do not yet own a food processor and have to suffer through with a blender.  (I am happy to announce that I have a food processor on it’s way in the mail as I type!)  It turned out quite delicious!  Enjoy with pita chips or celery!








Most hummus also has tahini in it, which I learned is pretty much sesame seed butter. While I don’t think the recipe I was looking at called for this, I looked for it in the store anyways. When I finally found it (with the organic nut-butters)  it was only  sold in a somewhat large jar and cost $9!  Needless to say my hummus has plenty of flavor and did not need this.  However if you are making a plain hummus with just chickpeas, you would need the tahini.

What is good for you in Eggplant Garlic hummus?

Eggplant: I’ve already gone into details of why eggplant is healthy in previous recipes. In short:  low in calories, high in fiber!  Eggplant has high levels of antioxidants that fight against cancer, bad cholesterol, and other diseases!

Garlic: an anti-biotic that fights cancer and heart disease, a good source of vitamin C, and can help prevent stomach ulcers.

Cumin: I just learned that cumin is one of the main ingredients of curry!  So since I put curry and cumin in this hummus, I will just talk about cumin for now.  Cumin is an antiseptic that is rich in iron and can help digestive systems to work efficiently.  (hmm maybe this is why Indian food never stays in you very long…)   Cumin seeds can also be mixed with  honey to help sore throats.

Eat, Enjoy, and stay healthy!


About kitchenadventurer

I love to create. I love to eat. I love to explore and have adventures. I love to use healthy ingredients and know why they are good for me. I hope you enjoy my blog and that you are inspired to try something new! :) My best advice: Don't be afraid to experiment, try new ingredients and break away from the recipe. If you fail- you just learn how NOT to do something next time!

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  1. I liked the look of this recipe and the dietitian at the hospital has been asking for hummus recipes so I will share this one, if that is ok. It looks YUMMY. Did Craig actually eat hummus? :o)

  2. Feel free to share! I didn’t give a detailed recipe measurements because I just eyeball everything. If she needs specifics she could use what I did and look for a recipe using the same ingredients- I would suggest they usually have millions of recipes that you can get an idea about approximate proportions- or pick an exact recipe to follow.

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